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Management and Chemical Engineering Essay Example for Free

Management and Chemical Engineering Essay I have completed my Bachelors of Technology in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India (IITG). I am seeking a position in your organization in order to enhance my skills and practical experience, while being resourceful and innovative. I have worked hard in my undergraduate studies, striking a balance between compulsory courses like Fluid Mechanics, Process Equipment Design, Process Control and Instrumentation, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, related wet lab courses and supervised research under the guidance of Dr Chandan Das (Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IITG) Dr AK Golder (Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IITG). My Bachelor Thesis Project was on Biosorption of heavy metals to purify industrial effluents under the guidance of Dr. Chandan Das (Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemical Eng., IITG) and Dr. AK Golder (Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IITG). When I look back now, I realize the role of an inspiring mentor in a student’s life. Dr. Das and Dr. Gloder gave me a whole new direction to explore my research skills and the interest in reading research articles while doing my undergraduate courses in mainstream Chemical Engineering. After graduation I joined Jindal Steel and Power Ltd as a Project Engineer where I practiced what I learnt during my educational life. Post completion of one year, I joined SPI Pvt. Ltd. As an Assistant Manager. I choose this as apart from technical skills, I also wanted to gain a good understanding about the business processes and its various elements. While working there my interest became more focused towards managerial skills. It was there where I decided to go for my higher education in Masters in Management as managerial knowledge via a reputed and esteemed university will help me to learn a wider scope of business management skills which was missing in my technical career. In my education thus far, I have been actively involved in sports and co-curricular activities including making manual robot, organized Rock-o-Phonix for three consecutive years (2008, 2009 2010) and represented IIT-Guwahati in Inter IIT sports meet in Football which has helped me to develop upon simplicity in approach, patience, team work, confidence, loyalty, ability to manage loads of stress and adaptability. To work using the in-hand knowledge and indigenous creativity simultaneously is my biggest asset. Education I believe is not just excelling in courses that we take and cracking their exams but a continuous process of development and self-realization. Not just asking â€Å"what to do† or â€Å"how to do† but â€Å"who am i† and â€Å"what is my purpose† too. My long term career goals are to become socially responsible individual and to get the dream job of working in the field of interest. If given the opportunity of pursuing the graduate study in field of management I would be getting involved in a project that will help me grow intellectually and professionally and result in useful outcomes.

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Grants, New Mexico :: Geography Traveling Essays

Grants, New Mexico Surrounded by mountains and located in Cibola County, Grants, New Mexico is the perfect place to unpack the camping gear or raise a family. Grants was named after 3 brothers: Angus, Lewis, and John Grant, who were contracted to build a railroad through this portion of New Mexico. First called â€Å"Grant’s Camp†, then â€Å"Grant’s Station† (which is now a local restaurant); it finally became known simply as â€Å"Grants†. The heart of American Indian country, Grants is about 70 miles west of Albuquerque and 80 miles east of the New Mexico/Arizona border. As of July 2002, Grants had a population of 8,921 residents and growing. Once a small farming community until 1950 when a Navajo rancher discovered uranium on Haystack Mountain, this town has now become a growing tourist destination. For those like me who enjoy mild and dry weather, Grants is perfect. While I enjoy snow, especially around Christmas, it is a real treat to enjoy the beauty of snow one day and then throw on shorts and a tee-shirt the next day. The average summer high and low is 80/50. The average winter high and low is 40/10. During the winter months, it is not uncommon to see one group of people playing a round of golf at the Coyote del Malpais Golf Course located at the foot of Mt. Taylor, while another group are surrounded by snow high on the mountain itself. One of the first things you will notice in Grants is the majestic mountains. Rising 11, 3001 feet, Mt. Taylor displays scattered rows of gorgeous Ponderosa Pine trees. Blazing a trail through these Pines one can find beautiful nature trails, delightful picnic spots, and scenic vistas which make you feel as if you have stepped right into a mythical painting. I have spent many a day loosing myself in nature in those mountains only to find myself going back the next day for another area to explore. Mt. Taylor stays occupied all year round with hikers, bike riders, skiers, and those inclined towards snowshoeing. One of the biggest events that Mt. Taylor boasts is the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon. Occurring annually on the Saturday of President’s Day Weekend, this event includes a 43 Kilometer bike ride, a 3.5 Kilometer snowshoe trek, an 8 Kilometer cross-country skiing leg, and a 17.5 Kilometer run. While the mountains may be beautiful and innocent during the day, they take on a whole other personality during the evening.

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Tutorial (Week 2) ISYS224 Answer the following questions: 1 List four examples of database systems. 2 Discuss each of the following terms: Data, Database, Database Management System, Data Independence, Security, Integrity and Views. 3 Describe the approach taken to the handling of data in the early file-based systems. Discuss the disadvantages of this approach. 4 Describe the main characteristics of the database approach and contrast it with the file-based approach. 5 Discuss the roles of the following personnel in the database environment: Data Administrator Database Administrator Logical Database Designer Physical Database Designer Application Developer End-Users 6 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of database management systems. 7 Discuss the concept of data independence and explain its importance in a database environment. 8 To address the issue of data independence, the ANSI-SPARC three-level architecture was proposed. Compare and contrast the three levels of this model. 9 What is a data model? Discuss the main types of data models. 0 Describe the types of facility you would expect to be provided in a multi-user DBMS. 11 Of the facilities described in your answer to Question 10, which ones do you think would not be needed in a standalone PC DBMS? Provide justification for your answer. 12 Consider a two-dimensional integer array of size m? n that is to be used in your favourite programming language. Using this array as an example, illustrate the difference (a) between the three levelsof data abstraction, and (b) between a schem a and an instance.

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Becoming Mexican American Ethnicity, Culture, And Identity

Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945 The immigration story of the United States includes groups of individuals from many different countries, one such group was that of the U.S.’s southern neighbor Mexico. In the book, Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945, George J. Sà ¡nchez writes about the Mexican immigrants’ experience migrating to California and settling there, particularly in the Los Angeles area. Sà ¡nchez argues that many Mexican immigrants felt â€Å"betwixt and between† their homeland and the United States, and his book examines the forces pulling them in both directions. On the one side, Americans wanted the Mexicans in the†¦show more content†¦(pg. 99) American public schools were another way to try and Americanize the Mexican Immigrants. In 1915 California passed the Home Teacher Act which allowed teachers to go into the homes of immigrants and to teach adults and children such things as the English language. Which ess entially was as Sà ¡nchez puts it, â€Å"the most potent weapon used to imbue the foreigner with American values†. (pg. 100) Later the Home Teacher Act would be integrated into public schools after WWI. There were also other things besides American progressives that were shaping the Mexican immigrants identity in America, and these included new religions and pop culture/consumerism. A vast majority of the Mexican’s migrating to the U.S. were Catholic. However, very few Catholic priests from Mexico migrated to the United States, so the Mexican Immigrants were going to churches that were led by Irish priests, and as Sà ¡nchez puts it, Irish American priests were rarely found to be sensitive enough to the needs of a working class people from a different culture. (pg. 165) This gave other religions an opening to convert the Mexican immigrants to their religion. One such example isShow MoreRelatedMexican American Culture: The Film Selena1006 Words   |  5 PagesTo help me understand and analyze a different culture, I watched the film Selena. The film tells the life story of the famous singer Selena Quintanilla-Pà ©rez. Not only does it just tell personal stories from her life, it also gives insight to the Mexican-American culture. Her whole life she lived in the United States, specifically in Texas, but was Hispanic and because of that both her and her fa mily faced more struggles than white singers on the climb to her success. Even though the film is a storyRead MoreThe Chicano Of Chicano Literature882 Words   |  4 PagesFINAL ESSAY Chicano Literature has been around since the 1800s after the Mexican war . Mexican American Literature is stories that writers talk about their ethnic identities through Chicano culture situations and characters. They are their own culture, who take traditions and customs from Mexico and American and make up their own history with it. They try to identify themselves with one culture or the other, the food, the customs, traditions and many other things. The boundaries that define a Chicano/aRead MoreRacial Profiling : The United States Essay1326 Words   |  6 Pagesin the country as Neil Foley, author of Becoming Hispanic: Mexican Americans and Whiteness, states, â€Å" Blacks are inside American culture but...remain alienated and estranged from the domain of White power and privilege.† (Foley 50). Foley concludes that African Americans are not in away strangers to the American culture yet are pushed away and held back because of their color of skin. African Americans hav e helped shaped the country s history and culture yet are denied the same privilege as whitesRead MoreEssay The Chicano View on Mexican Immigration1048 Words   |  5 Pages During the 1970’s, Mexican Americans were involved in a large social movement called the Chicano movement. Corresponding with the great development of the black civil rights movement, Mexican Americans began to take part in a series of different social protests in which they demanded equal rights for themselves. Composed mainly of Mexican American students and youth, these activists focused on maintaining a pride for their culture as well as their ethnicity to fuel their political campaign.Read MoreCulture : Up The Identity And Personality Of An Individual1145 Words   |  5 Pages04, 2015 Argosy Culture makes up the identity and personality of an individual. Every individual has their own culture implanted in them from the community in which they live, the family in which they grew up and the personal identity people have given them in the overall society. The individual’s personal views, aspects of reasoning and judgment and their general logical thinking as an individual are affected significantly by their culture. In this aspect, the entire well-beingRead MoreRace Construction Essay1335 Words   |  6 Pagesdevelopment of various ethnic identities have been affected by the rigidity of racial categories in the United States, these include American Indian or Alaskan Native, black or African American, Native Hawaiian or other Asian Pacific Islander, and white. The racial divide in the United States is predominantly between whites and blacks but many Americans fall into the â€Å"racial middle†, a term coined by Eileen O’Brien to bring attention to the population of Americans that do not identify as eitherRead MoreChicano Men : A Cartography Of Homosexual Identity And Behavior914 Words   |  4 PagesGutierrez Course 15752 22 October 2015 Chicano Men: A Cartography of Homosexual Identity and Behavior Chicano men identify their sexual identity and sexual orientation based on what is more important to them: To identify as Chicano gay or as a gay Chicano? Chicano gay men emphasize on ethnicity while Chicano Gay men identify with their orientation. The primary difference between a Chicano gay man and a European-American gay man is how they define homosexuality. In the United States, homosexuality isRead MoreMexican American Studies Should Not Be Banned857 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent cultures and ethnicities that come together to make one United States. However, this cannot be accomplished if our nation does not allow for different cultures to learn about their own country and hold on to their heritage as well as gaining knowledge on the history of the United States. Thus, Mexican-American studies should not be banned in Arizona because contrary to the belief that learning about other cultural struggles is anti-American, actually focusing on the racial identities withinRead More Hispanics in the USA Essay1070 Words   |  5 Pagesrate grow faster than any other racial and ethnic group in the nation. The Hispanic culture and community has populated all around the United States, introducing new traditions and customs. I was traveling to different to city in the States, I notice the wide spread growth of Hispanic communities, For Instance in Miami the Cuban and El Salvadoran culture is heavy populate in the area. In New York the Puerto Rican culture is dominating through out the several boroughs. I have come around town and HispanicsRead MoreThe Ethnicities Of Latinos American Americans969 Words   |  4 PagesThe ethnicities of Latinos American have gone through journeys, with useful leaders to the promise land of the Southwest of the United States. Particularly, Latinos American, have gone through several barriers as building their identity still today in the Southwest society. Latinos have been fighters and survivors in keeping their lands along with be coming American Citizens close to extinction when in reality this land was really there to beginning to later be described as dangerous criminals, dirty