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American Apparel Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

American Apparel - Research Paper ExampleAmerican ApparelMajor companies, including American Apparel, have come up to rely on the sex concept in selling their products to the American public, particularly the youth. By incorporating charged sexual images, their ads, are able to attract young women and men. The callers chief executive contends that American Apparels goal has always been to create a heritage grime for the American public, especially the American pursuit for happiness, property, and liberty. They have been lauded for their ads realism since most of their ad subjects are portrayed with their asymmetrical features, imperfections, and blemishes that are attached and highlighted with personal and brief descriptions about them (Welters & Lillethun 65). American Apparel, in addition, rather than source their model recruitment, recruits its own ad models from the organizations stores, on the street, or from photos sent directly to the companys headquarters via the websi te. At some point in the past, American Apparel sought to heed a strategy that dwelt on how the company treated its workers in order to sell the company brand and merchandise, promoting its products as being free of sweatshop activities. The company has also engaged in politically-charged advertisements, such as their anti-immigration laws tend that referred to current laws as an American variation of apartheid alongside their company logo in 2008 (Welters & Lillethun 66).

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