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Record Keeping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Record Keeping - Essay Examplewhitethorn require the students to display a number of skills that may include but are not extra to the skills of understanding and learning the lessons operating upon the customers like cutting their hair, fixing their eyebrows, and plucking excess hair off the eyebrow and also their knowledge and expertise in such functional skills as English, Math, and ICT.When the eternalizes of estimate of students of a health and yel littleish pink course needs to be kept, the t for apiece oneer should maintain the records of their assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, viva, and exams. When the records of assessment of workers of a health and beauty salon are to be maintained by the salon owner, the records of the workers attendance workers record of sick leave, emergency leaves, and other leaves and customer reviews for and against the worker need to be maintained. All of these records need to be maintained in order to keep track of the progress and qualit y of work of each worker. Also, the salaries of the private workers are established based on a variety of factors including these.The teacher needs to maintain these records of assessment in order to distinguish between students that are exceptional from the average students and also from the students that are low achievers in the class. Teachers make judgments about student progress based on information gathered by dint of a variety of assessment strategies (k12.gov.sk.ca, n.d.). Maintaining these records is essential in order to keep the students motivated to work unstated and invest time, effort, and resources in gaining the knowledge and developing the skills. The teacher needs these records of assessment because in the final result, each of these factors including assignments, tests, quizzes, viva, and exams are graded according to a certain percentage. The final result reflects the students achievement in each of these areas rather than just the final exam. Likewise, an emp loyer of a health and beauty salon needs to maintain

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