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Digital Marketing Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Digital Marketing - Coursework ExampleIn email digital marketing, the organization in distrust reaches expose to the target market through email communication which are meant to provide particulars of the product and the benefits to the consumers. In video marketing such as YouTube, a video description of the product just deal in traditional marketing is uploaded for the entire online users. Social media marketing involves the use of Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to reach out to the digital population and introduce the products to them. LinkedIn acts as a professional networking site that not only provides an chance for employer and employee to interact but also to the buyers and sellers.Search engine optimization is a marketing approach follow by organizations with online presence to improve their rating within different search engines. Properly optimized sites are exceedingly visible in the internet and this makes it easy for visitors to access such sites and acquire the in formation intended by the organization (Changhyun 265). A site that is ranked highly based on the search engine results is oftentimes visited and this influenced by the level of the contents in the site and the stream of visitors.With the development of internet marketing, the adoption of SEO as a technique has allowed marketers to act based on the behavior of internet users and designing their information in line with such behaviors. As a result, the keywords that are regularly typed into the search engines by internet users are optimized in the information presented on the website and this increases the rating of the same (Panda 60).Different approaches exist that have been adopted for the dish of optimizing websites and this influences the success of the site and the frequency of the visitors. For example, most SEO professionals edit the content of the website by adding keyword and catchy phrases that are often searched by internet users. Other sites can

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