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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 44

Marketing - Essay ExampleA research conducted by the City analysts has predicted that Sainsburys is believably to register a decline in its grocery gross revenue by 2.5% for the preceding three months. This is with the elimination of fuel. This is going to be a big setback for Salisburys given that it has, for the last decade, registered plainly an increase in the sale of its groceries. Salisburys used to record all these profits until the consumers in the U.K changed their shopping habits. This was also due to the emergence of Aldi and Lidl which are discount arrange. It is also noted that the prices of food decline in quality considerably. With these changes in the grocery stores, the big four supermarket chains in the U.K, Salisburys Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, have lost their market share was almost a fifth in the previous two months. Despite the fall in the market share, Morrisons is however indicated by the latest Kantar sales figures to be growing. This is unlike the othe r three chains of supermarkets. James Anstead, who is an analyst at Barclays, has predicted that predicted that the sales in like-for-like products for Salisburys are likely to spew by 25%. This is due to the coming on board of the discount chains which have offered broad competition to the supermarkets.It is indicated also that the brand of Aldi is more worth than that of Tesco. Tesco having reported a similar decline as Salisburys, it therefore means that the brand of Aldi is also more worth than that of Salisbury. It is predicted that in the next quintuple twelvemonths, the sales for the supermarkets are going to drop as the discounters and online shopping double their sales. The increase in sales for online shopping and the discounters is estimated at 92.9% and 82.2% respectively. This is unlike the supermarkets whose sales are expected to drop by 2.9% until the end of the year 2020. The increase in the

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