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The current state of Company Q Essay Example for Free

The current state of Company Q EssayThe current state of Company Qs strength toward genial responsibility is by far obsolete. The sheer fact that the party would rather throw onward beneficial product then help the community non only gives the community a sort view that they do not matter but it alike shows that the company is more than about their stern line then fostering a community. Also the fact that Company Q has closed ancestrys due to t ane ending of revenue shows that they did not house products that section of the community caters to. A higher income section could well gift organically grown produce as well as high end cheeses where as a low income section would opt for more affordable products like boxed meals and generic brands. Company Qs fear of employees stealing should not deter them from donating it should be a sign that their employees are hurting. For small companies to wear they need to treat their employees well and create a work community. O ne where everyone works together for the good of the company and the welfare of the people it serves. Company Q does not show any signs of this currently but not all is lost.Even though Company Q is a smaller company with fewer resources than a commodious corporation they have an advantage in making social responsibility part of the companys core mission by being able to interact with the community on a more personal level. Company Qs workers testament most likely live in the community they are working in. Being a smaller store they will have fewer employees cultivating a more intimate environment. Company Q needs to introduce new ways of thinking and get more tortuous into the community to turn their current trend of failure to have any social responsibility to one that promotes it from the inside out. Putting social responsibility into the companys core values will be more than words but a call to action.If you take care of your community your community will take care of you. W hile it is genuinely understandable that Company Q fears profit loss from high hatred rate areas the solution is not to run but to build a stronger bond with your employees to create a shared value. A happy employee is a productive employee. If an employee is happy and feels like they are treated with see then they are going to work especial(a) hard and bear some of Company Qs responsibilities to prevent profit loss. A happy employee wants to keep his/her job and will work hard to hear this. If management says they have some concerns with profit loss due to theft and ask the employees to keep an extra eye out for anyone suspicious and reportit immediately the store will ultimately see a turn around.While you rearnot prevent theft every time with large store involvement by visually showing strength you will prevent a good portion of it. Company Qs community involvement doesnt need to stop there. Management gutter develop an internship program for local anaesthetic youth. They dismiss shadow members of the store to see how a business works from the inside and that the work they do and the decisions they make are important and it will show them their actions not only affect them but others as well.Professor Christopher Koliba of The University of Vermont (Koliba, 2000) wrote give young people the opportunity to participate in decision-making about meaningful issues abide have an impact on their sense of responsibility, their ability to take a collective perspective, their pro-social behavior, their understanding of elected values and processes, and their personal and political efficacy. Professor Koliba goes on to explain that education plays an important role in spite of appearance the life of local communities to varying degrees. Research like this shows us that youth will flourish if wedded the right tools to do so. This will not only help them make better decisions but also give them the tools to influence their friends to do the same. Youth will usually listen more to peers than parents. Another prominent aspect of an internship program is the ability to gain work experience.My last suggestion to Company Q to move the company to a more social responsible partner in the community is to conduct health associate educational classes. Provide information on ways for families to provide nutritious meals without spending a lot. many an(prenominal) customers complained that not enough organic or health conscious products were available in the store. The company can get involved with local farms to not only provide a business to business birth but this small business relationship does not endure large production costs and gives the store the ability to charge less for the fresher food. Also these local farmers would be great resources of information for the health classes.They have first had get it onledge on the importance of eating fresh foods. Also Company Q can expand the internship program to include the local farmers and if a member of your family volunteers a few hours of their time they can receive some of the product to take home thus taking off some of the pecuniary burden of the high cost of food. While the current view of Company Q in the community whitethorn not be very high at the moment it has lots of room for improvement. I knowif the company implements the suggestions set forth they will end up with a great foundation of social responsibility. The business will thrive bad the shareholders higher profits at the same time giving the community a trusted and socially responsible business.ReferencesKoliba, C. (2000, May 8). Democracy and Education Schools and Communities ResearchProject. Retrieved from http//www.uvm.edu/dwey/articles/Democonc.html

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