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How to Teach Something Essay Example for Free

How to pick up Something EssayDuring the week I taught my father how to suffer rock band he learn how to play the drums on easy and medium level. It was fun teaching him he caught on easily and he got a sincerely high scores and it was a great experience. I taught this attainment to my dad because its something that my pocket-sized sister and I like to do and it would be fun to do together. I also taught this skill because my dad and I dont do a galvanic pile of things together and this would just be another great thing to do together I chose my dad because he likes learning reinvigorated things. He also likes have fun So I thought this skill would make him really happy. He also wanted to learn how to play this patch but we never had it and then I got it for Christmas. So I asked him if he still wanted to learn how to play it and he said yes. later I asked him he was so excited. It was really niminy-piminy to see him happy.At the beginning of the lesson, things started off nice we both got a little frustrated at another but after the first game he started getting the hang of it and kind of started to get the concept. He really enjoyed the first game. And we had a lot of laughs. But then we got on the real levels and it started to confuse him a little. But after ten transactions I explained it a little more(prenominal) and he got it. In the middle of the lesson, my father was on a roll and I kept on switching the song because each song could be a little more difficult. And it was hard for at some points and then we took it a little slower and he started to get the hang of it more and more each time it It was awesome to see how good he was getting.After the lesson was over, my dad learned how to play like an expert On medium and easy level I had such a great time teaching my dad and in the end its going towards great use because now I can do a lot more things with him at hope. In the end of everything seeing my dad really happy with his accomplis hment and seeing that he wanted to learn to be with me more was the icing on the cake

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