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A Struggle for Acceptance of Gays Essay -- Homosexuality Religion Marr

A Struggle for Acceptance of GaysWhen the dust settles and the pages of history are writ x, it will not be theangry defenders of intolerance who have do the difference, that reward willgo to those who dared to step outside the safety of their privacy in order toexpose and rout the prevailing prejudice.- John Shelby SpongEpiscopal Bishop of the bishopry of Newark, NJNovember 21, 1996During World War II and especially the twenty years after brought greatpolitical and social changes to the U.S.. Undoubtedly, one of the major changeswas the new sentiency of homosexuality. If this new awareness was to theadvantage or if it was really wanted by the gay and lesbian population is aquestion that arises if they really had a extract in the matter is another. Ithink gays relentless struggle for acceptance into mainstream society came fromthe American constitution itself. After all, the gay liberation movement startedin America, the land of the free, where all men are created equal and with a ninalienable right to pursue their own happiness. No one should be able to takethese rights extraneous from anyone. Also, in the 1950s, the civil rights movementbecame active and words like desegregation and equal rights for all becamesynonymous with the American way of life. Stand up and action against those whohave done you wrong This is what gave homosexuals such a conviction to startfighting for their own cause. This paper will follow the progress of gay andlesbians in the twentieth century before, during and after World War II. Whatwas their position in the armed forces during the war and what was governmentand military policy during and after the war on gays in the army and ingovernment positions? How did gay and lesbians respond to the new policies afterthe war and why were organizations like the Mattachine gild and the Daughtersof Bilitis founded? On December 7, 1941 at 755 a.m. local time, Japan attackedPearl Harbor. The Unites States declared war on Japan and was sudden ly aparticipant in the largest war in the history of mankind. A massive militaryforce of 12 million men was assembled. American soldiers were sent to Europe andJapan to participate and win the heroic One. The military bureaucracy grewaccordingly and thousands of new jobs were created. With the militarys enormousdemand for personnel... ...os Angeles newspaper in March1953 linking sexual deviates with security risks who were banding togetherto wield horrifying political power. The Mattachine Society was restructured,with a more transparent organization, and its leadership replaced. It alsochanged its aims to the assimilation of homosexuals into general society, whichreflected its rejection of the notion of a homosexual minority. However theSociety declined, and at its convention in May 1954 only forty-two membersattended. The Mattachine Society produced the monthly periodical ONE Magazine ,starting in January 1953 and eventually achieving a circulation of 5000 copies.The regular pu blication of the magazine ceased in 1968, but its publisher, ONEInc., still exists. In January, 1955 the San Francisco branch of the MattachineSociety began a more scholarly journal, Mattachine Review , which lasted for tenyears. The periodicals reached previously isolated individuals and helpedMattachine to become better known nationally. Chapters functioned in a number ofUSA cities through the 1960s. However, they failed to adapt to the radicalmilitantism after the Stonewall ascent and faded away.

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