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Nestle Safety Training Program Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nestle Safety Training Program - Assignment casefuland upgrade their safety measures in such a way that employees along with contractors and others are protected, as they tote up value to the company (Nestle safety and wellness). They are further striving to accomplish one of their main goals and that is having zippo injuries and accident in regard to their workers.Currently, there are two departments working in collaboration to truss to the companys law regarding safety and wellness of their employees. The two departments are The Safety and Health serviceable Leadership Team and The Safety and Health Council. The former is a group of superior safety and health professionals from across the world who meets on daily basis to pinpoint priorities and convey challenges, learning, and good practices. Similarly, the latter council consists of senior fellows from various areas of the business who adjudicate the evolution and execution of programs and provide support and resources. Mor eover, the organization believes that human mien is also one of the factors which may lead towards the occurrence of accidents and injuries therefore, Nestle implements programs that motivate employees to converse with the peers and management virtually safe and at-risk behavior.To emphasize on the seriousness of health and safety measure, all executive board meeting starts with an overview of the health and safety that is why the aforementioned council is held four times in a month, which is a every quarter meeting.In addition to this, these departments have installed Nestl Occupational Safety & Health Management (NSMS) which strive towards improving and upgrading health and safety procedures, policies, standards, and process.Now moving towards the safety training programs, Nestle has established a roadmap for this very have purpose. Following are some of these programs which include Personal Ownership and Engagement.

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