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Frankenstein :: essays research papers

Frankenstein Love is an aspiration based on admiration and benevolence. To come another is to admire them and to have a warm attachment to them. umpteen things in ones life have the ability to cloud or cover up feelings of love. Things such as rage, hate, ugliness, and revenge. Despite these negative feelings and thoughts, love is present in every being, every animal, and anything that possesses the beautiful thing we call life, because to be alive is lovin. There is an excellent book titled Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, that displays the use of unseen love to drive a creature to destruction, murder and, devastation. Can such a being who has committed so many acts of wretchedness contain such a feeling as love? Some people think that for such a being that love is not possible to obtain, and others will agree, however argue that although it may be impossible to obtain love from something , it is easy and very possible to have love for something. throughout the whole novel , the monster talks of revenge on the doctor for making him live with his ugliness and being rejecting by people because of it. Even the doctor was affright and ran away when he first saw his creations hideous looks and monstrous body. Right off the bat, the doctor could have killed the fiend and rid himself of it forever, but he didnt. He knew that for him to kill this thing, it would be like killing his own beloved child. Seeing the reaction of Frankenstein and the other humans, the creature vowed to hunt down and overthrow Victor for bestowing such looks upon this creatures body. What the monster was looking for was love, and he never found any, but he had plenty. The monster loved Victor for let him live. The monster didnt know this until the end. He found out that to give someone life was to give them the ultimate show of affection and love. At anytime in the monsters life he could have killed Victor, especially when he was weak. Victor said ...for I was a shattered wreckthe shadow of a human being my strength was gone..(page 175). If the monster was as mean and hateful as he appears, he could have crushed Victor with his enormous give and unbelievable strength. Why didnt he then, because to kill your creator is to kill yourself, plus you must love your creator for life.

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