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Financial Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Financial Analysis - Essay manakinning process varies depending on the unique features of the business and its goals, but basically there are various prevalent steps and guidelines that form the basis of the planning process. These steps include Determination of Current Financial Situations, mental institution of Financial Objectives, Identification of Alternative Courses of Action, Evaluation of those alternatives, development and Implementation of Financial Action plan and plane the process of Plan re-evaluation and revision.Dividends are termed as the last-ditch distribution of either present or olden earnings in factual assets amongst the existing shareholders within a given flying based on their ownership proportions (FABOZZI, F2011). Dividend policy often connotes to pay-out policy that is usually pursued by various managers while make decisions on the pattern and size of the shareholders cash distribution over time. The managements primary clinical is based on the sha reholders maximization of wealth, which often directly translates into value maximization of a given firm as determined by the companys stock price. The achievement of this goal can be done through the aspect of granting shareholders with a fairer payment with regards to their investments. However, based on this Company under study, the military force of its shareholders dividend policy is still un-settled in one way or the other (FRAME & CURRY, 1974). there are generally two major types of dividend policies that include the residual and managed policies. In residual policy the bar of dividend simply refers to the cash that is left behind after the given Company utilizes NPV rule in fashioning desirable investments. This hence means that there will be a higher dividend variability with regards to the do and can even reach a zero point. On the other hand, the optimal policy refers to a policy that largely work towards maximizing the firms stock price, thereby leading to the ultim ate maximization based on the level of

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