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Abortion is Unethical Essay -- The Right to Life, Pro-Life Essays

Abortion is UnethicalThe Center for Bioethical Reform states that on lifetime average there will be ane abortion per woman in the world. This makes abortion a very relative point of ethical discussion. According to the World Resources Institute there are about 3,155,945 pistillates world-wide, and if you used crude math to make a rough estimate you would have potentially 3,155,945 lost lives. We can no longer ignore an issue with such impact. I conceive that abortion is an unethical act and should non be an extract to anyone.One could say that an abortion should be legal because the developing fetus is part of the fe masculine and she should be able to do with her body what she likes, but this is not so. The fetus is not part of her body, it is inside her body. Since the fetus is made from a combination of the males and the female persons desoxyribonucleic acid it has an entirely different chemical make up than that of the female in which it dwells. The human developing inside the female was made from a chromosome of both the male and the female making it not entirely the female and not entirely the male. Also due to chromosomal mutations the DNA could vary even more. Therefore, a completely different chemical make up is being developed inside the female and we now have one organism inside of another. Thus making the argument mute, the fetus has a different make-up of DNA and is therefore a different organism.Another fallacy of abortion is that sometimes it can be used to save the life of the mother. This situation just does not happen. Dr. C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General stated that he was never aware or a single situation in which a pre-born childs life had to be taken in golf club to save the life of the mother. Less than 3% of women, ... ...They according to this argument are not alive. Many other arguments rely on false situations and practically do not think their ethics though. It is my hope that spate would consider their ethics befor e performing such an act or even something that would lead up to it. I hope that people would seek out information and knowledge on something with such great repercussions.In conclusion, the reasons for abortion are most often unethical, the result of misconceptions about genetic make-up, hypothetical situations, not being ready to foster a child but ready to make one, and an unethical option to choose. Just like many other laws are in place to protect others so other abortion laws should be in place. Abortion should not be legal just as rape and theft should not be legal. Even if a law is not passed to stop abortion people should become more educated on the subject.

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