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Anglo American Economic Geography Essay -- economics,

Discuss the intellectual history of Anglo American scotch geography since the 2nd world war. scotch concepts have often been used as the foundation for geographic theory showing a relationship between the two. When the demesne of economics evolves then so too does the field of economic geography. Economic geography is defined as a field of geography that helps to describe and apologize the areas where economic activities are carried out. It is centered around helping to explain the production and distribution of commodities and how resources are to be allocated and the consequences (Barnes 2009). The Second World War ceased in 1945 and after(prenominal) this the economies of both America and the UK diversenessd rapidly. These economies passed through different systems Keynesian, Marxian, Neoliberalism, and mixed an economy (Bonney 1995). This in turn meant that economic geography passed through different stages too, with the most significant change occurring directly after the war the start of the quantitative revolution. The way that the field of economic geography changes has implications on how the field as a whole is viewed. superstar of the main points is the interconnectivity with the economy this also shows how the economy is viewed. Each period has a moment of emergence rapid efflorescence and a period of decline. To understand how economic geography has changed over the last fifty years, a brief explanation of the state of the economy should be coveredDirectly after the war the US economy was in a state of strong economic growth due to consumers demand increasing, this was due to there being few opportunities to consume at a desired level during the war. The US held 95% of the worlds manufacturing helping it to recover more quick... ...mic Geography. In Leyson, A., Lee, R., Mcdowell, L. and Sunley, P. eds. 2011. The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography. London SAGE Publications.Bonney, R. (1995). Economic systems and state finance. Oxford Engla nd Clarendon Press.Hardon, J. A. (2003). The Influence of Marxism in the United States Today. online Available at http//www.therealpresence.org/archives/Communism/Communism_002.htm Accessed 21 Feb 2014.Scott, A. J. (2000). Economic geography the great half-century. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 24 (4), pp. 483 - 504.Trainer, T. (2010). redness THEORY A brief Introduction. online Available at https//socialsciences.arts.unsw.edu.au/tsw/Marx.html Accessed 21 Feb 2014.WiseGEEK. (2010). What Is Keynesian Economics?. online Available at http//www.wisegeek.org/what-is-keynesian-economics.htm Accessed 21 Feb 2014.

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