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Comparing Education for Leisure and Miracle on St. David’s Day :: Carol Ann Duffy Gillian Clarke Poems Essays

Comparing Education for untenanted and Miracle on St. Davids sidereal day This essay will explore the similarities and differences between thetwo metrical compositions Education for leisure time which was written by Carol Ann Duffyand Miracle on St. Davids Day by Gillian Clarke. The theme focusedon the meters is outsider. In Education for Leisure the valet de chambre is anoutsider because he is being ignored, however in miracle on St.Davids Day, the patient is well taken care of only if is an outsider inhis mind because he is sick and can non speak. He wants to be anoutsider so that no champion can nonice him.Firstly, the poem Education for leisure creates a negativeatmosphere caused by the dangerous outsider. Every stanza concludeswith a full stop. The poem has five verses overall. Duffy has writtenthis poem in the style of a diary, rather than constructing the give voicesto rhyme. This is shown by the word I. She has also used metaphorsto express the circumstances boredo m move in the streets. Thisphrase shows that the day is awfully uninspired and no one is inprospect. This day is like any other day for the man because his lifeis filled with sadness. He feels uninspired and may feel bilkdue to the boredom. He wants to destroy something, I am red ink tokill something. This phrase is directly alerting the commentator that theman is wonky and is enthusiastic to kill. He is too weak anddefenceless to kill a living thing so he mentions of victimising anobject. It also indicates that the poem is occurring in the presenttense. Duffy has used this to add to the tension in the mind of thespeaker. The egocentrism of the speaker appears in the repeateduse of I, me, my.I view as had enough of being ignored this shows that the peoplearound him do not take enough consideration towards him, therefore hefeels insecure and abandoned. He has no one to express what he isfeeling because he feels isolated. Duffy creates an show of a lonely,desperate man that de sires to be heard so the readers emotions wouldbe pitiful. The writer wants the readers emotions to be harmonisedtowards the character. The speaker has no idea what he is saying so heconstantly changes the subject this is referred to by the quote Wedid that at school. Shakespeare. It was in some other language and nowthe fly is in another this quote does not make sense due to the factthat the speaker keeps changing the takings he is talking about.

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