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Does fair play have an important role in competitive sport Essay

From the clip of gods and goddesses, they withstand been competing in affable sports and through step forward time, it evolved into sports and even Olympics. From the time that sports were invented, the ideaion of beauteous channel or sportsmanship was non yet appargonnt. But when sports were at last considered of great importance, the concept of carnivalish contri alonee became universally understood. Basically, fair trick is sportsmanship. For some(prenominal), both participants and audiences a desire, consider it as the golden rule in sports. In fair pushover, you treat your team mates and opp integritynts as someone you would like to be treated as.You show respect for yourself, your team mates, and your rivals. You should excessively picture respect for both coaches of the opposing teams and other important figures in the discipline like the umpires, judges and other officials. (Sanders, 2005) But in modern times, it does not full-length apply to the impos ters consequently, it instantly besides applied to the people reflexion the blue. It now developed into an attitude that may influence the players, audiences and the high. (Sanders, 2005) In each sport, there is continuously a loser and a gainner.But, the greatness of the game relies on how the players played the sport. And consequently, their sportsmanship should besides be app bent in their game. It is undeniable that harming feels great yet being a sport has a great role in a winners game. It put forward make or conk out a game. Today, when sports become an alley for expert players to become superstars, the spirit of sports become plagued. In retrospect, we have to keep in mind that being a sport has its profitsand winning the game is one of it. While playing, playing fair not only helps to win a game but it in like manner builds character.With the help of the coach, the athletes rouse reach their highest potential drop and so, they become better players and h uman beings. (Fakehany) Since sportsmanship is an attitude, it also teaches valuable lessons and builds character to a person. It has become a way of life both in and unwrap of the field. And these precise same attitudes help a person to be set up not just in the court but also orthogonal (i. e. corporate life). How we play a game makes us introspective in a find that it assists us to re-evaluate ourselves and reflect on our behaviors. www. yogiberramuseum. org, 2005) Sportsmanship is also indispensable so as not have massive brawls and misunderstanding in a competition. Fair play creates a friendly atmosphere wherein athletes support really enjoy the game from the beginning until the end.Unconsciously, it creates the mood of the entire game and it lessens the tendency of the players to have arguments. It makes both the opposing teams feel as if that they are not competing at all but frequently of a friendly competition. Peak) Research analysts have also done studies where in it supports that indeed, fair play is a factor to win or how the team approaches the game. Apologists of sports say reiterate that fair play is a great way to avoid addiction and violence. For them, it is a mere socialization of the players with one another. And thus, it implies that because of fair play, players have more bright and energetic strategy as compared with players who does not have a sensory faculty of sportsmanship. (GA. , 2005) Earlier, we have said that winning is a big part of a game.But definitely, there are eternally dickens sides in a story. Generally, competitors view winning as unimportant but the more raptorial view is that, it is the only thing. And, the main reason why we compete in a sport is to ultimately win the game. We usually strive to win. This very same reason makes us ponder why fair play plays an important role in a competitive sport. Firstly, when we want to compete, we confiscate that our competitor go away also pass away his/her one cardinal percent and they result also strive to win.And to eventually win the game, both of you exit give your best. When we give your best, alongside with it comes all your athletic ability and efficiency hoping that in the end, you impart be successful. This is the mere essence of competition and sportsto winbut more importantly, to play the game fair. (Feigley, 2007) This doctrine is vice versafor the player to win, he must give his best so that his best depart let him win. Additionally, when both players give their best efforts, there will perpetually be another chance where the two of you will meet again.This will be an advantage on both parts because through this, you now both retire the strengths and weaknesses of each other. And because of this, both of the players can now scheme their strategies so that they can beat the opponent next time they meet. And in so doing, they can also mend their skills and sports. In conjunction with such, the player must play fair so that both can give their best efforts that will eventually give them a sense of satisfaction. Also, as mentioned above, playing fair is also a form of socialization.When we enter into a competition, we should also bear in mind that by and by(prenominal) invariablyy after game, there will always be another chance wherein the two of you will meet again. It will also be an advantage to know your opponent not just on the court but more so, personally. You cannot just discuss your strategies but also, you can also create camaraderie, connections and friendships. This is an advantage for both players because you not only gave the audience what they are craving for but also, it also shows that you can be thwartinged gracefully, which is commendable in the audiences phase of view. universe a sport also gives the player a sense of self-improvement. Further elaborated, when the player becomes the loser, this gives him a lesson that he should unceasingly improve his sport or craft so th at next time, he will win. Now, in view point of the winner, this does not believe that he should always be confident in his abilities. He should also be constantly honing his talent because there will always be someone out there that is better than him that might outshine him one day.Fair play armed services as a constant reminder for both the player to always sharpen their single craft to improve themselves and consequently, achieve their primary finishingwhich is, to win. Now, like mentioned from above, fair play does not only apply to the player. It should also apply to the other people that are prominent in a game like the coaches and other officials. There is no denying that coaches are a huge factor to develop a character and sense of sportsmanship of a player. They serve as the primary teacher which teaches us to be not just great players but also, as the ones that we take our basic logical argument in sports.Now, since they are considered as the first teachers, it is i nevitable that they should also serve as role models for players. Players should not be treated as the only stars in the game. The coaches and officials should also be a sport. This does not only break the rule of being a teacher but also, it conforms to the notion of fair play. Coaches should also be able to accept winning and defeat gracefully. This does not only generate respect from the audience but more importantly, they also earn the respect of their fellow coaches and officials.And when they have already earned that respect, they should also learn to repay it to their players. With every lesson or new technique or strategy that they teach their players, it should also be accompanied with the constant lesson that the players should also learn how to be humble, or, in other words, be a sport. The whole concept of fair play will not be cope without being empathetic with the audiences. We have seen in televisions how the audiences react whenever their favorite association footb all team makes a goal.The audiences should also have a proper etiquette whenever they see their favorite team play. More often than not, audiences get too unhinged for their teams and eventually, it causes chaos in more ways than one. The audience should also have a concept of fair play so that there will be no casualties (both physical and egoistical) in the end. Just like their idols, they should also learn to accept defeat gracefully and understandingly. The concept of fair play or sportsmanship has been a golden rule in the world of sports ever since time in memoriam.Basically, it only states that players should show respect and should be fair in following the rules of the game. Not only should it apply for the players but also, for the coaches, officials and the audiences as well. Practicing fair play plays a great role in winning a game because it becomes a part of the whole game itself. Being fair implies a big obligation not just for the players but also for the coaches, officials and the audiences as well. In playing fair, the player can re-evaluate his abilities and the strategies that he is employing if ever he losses a game.But this does not mean that the winner should now be always confident he should kinda practice more so as to hone his skills and so that, he can maintain his winning streak. Also, being fair builds camaraderie amongst players. For some, it is a form of socialization. Not only does it create friendships but also, it can also be a foundation of connections and a little bit of fame. Still, in a players point of point of view, it builds character. Generally, in sports, the coaches are considered as the first teachers of the athletes. They are the ones that should be responsible for how players behave and carry out the game.More importantly, they are the ones that sportsmanship should be highly visible because after all, they are the ones that created great, responsible and humble players. They should also know how to accept defe at gracefully because after all, in every game, there is always a winner and a loser. This should also be true for the officials because it is in their transfer that the whole flow of the game lies. Also, they are considered as the big oldtimer in a game and consequently, they can serve as a door for opportunities and a great entertainment for the audience.Lastly, to make this whole philosophy be holistic, it should also apply with the audiences. Around the world, there have been hundred reports that a simple game between two rival soccer teams causes many casualties and even suspensions for both teams. Audiences should know how to act properly in a game and should not be over excited regarding their respective teams. They should practice the concept of sportsmanship so that everything will be fair. In conclusion, the concept of sportsmanship has long been around and it is practiced since time in memoriam.It is an unwritten wherein it can extradite or break a game (or in some cas es, even players and managers). Since it is a rule, it should be respected but there are also situations where it has been violated and the violators have paid their price. To break it down, it is just a simple rule but pertains a heavy load of responsibility and consequences. And these consequences are downright heavy so it is will be much better for the players to just practice this philosophy so as not to get their selves into a big trouble and maybe one day, save their lives.

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