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Teenage Suicide :: Teenage Suicide Essays

Teenage SuicideThe killing of own life measuredly is referred as suicide. Over thepast years, American society has been concerned nigh this get out, especially striplingage suicide. The suicide enjoin among teenagers is not constant for a periodof time it keeps changing over time. Most of the time, the suicide esteem amongboys is greater than that among girls.Different types of people in our society respond to this issue indifferent ways. Earlier in this year, some 932 p bents of adolescents completeda questionnaire of 30 common psychological medical concerns of adolescence,among which suicide was one item. They were asked how valuable it is forpediatricians to discuss these with their kids during checkups. The resultshowed that more than 66% of the parents world questioned said 29 of the 30items were important to be discussed with their teenage children. This surveyshowed that American parents are somehow concerned about suicide among teenagers.This concern is pervasive amo ng American teenagers. In 1993, a national surveyof adolescents about their knowledge of, and attitudes toward, spring chicken suicide wasmade. The survey reulted that 60% of the teenagers reported knowing anotherteen who had fireed suicide while 6% reported having make an attemptthemselves.The above two examples indicates that it is very important for parents,counselors, or different institutions to pay off aware of the reasons andsymptons of teenage suicide and to find out possible impediment procedures.Recently, an examination of suicide dictates among Black and White adolescents from1986 to 1991 was made. It showed that suicide rate among girls of allethnicities remained stable. Also, the rate for White boys were pretty muchstabilized however, the rate for Black and other youngsterity boys increasedsignificantly. Those increases were more rapid in areas where suicide rateswere historically low. This phenomenon tells that there are various kinds ofreasons for suicide and di fferent types of methods for suicide are also beingused.During the late mid-seventies and early 1980s in Oxford, the rate of deliberateself-poisoning and self-injury in elder female teenagers declined, but itincreased again between 1986 and 1989. For male adolescents, self-poisoningwith minor tanquillizers and sedatives had declined, but paracetamol self-poisoning increased in that period. In Zimbabwe, young women during mid-seventies usedpoison as the method of suicide however, self-immolation was frequently beingused in the mid 1980s.There are various types of reasons why teenagers commit suicide. Suicidein teenagers is sometimes linked to, or in relation with, vision therapy. Itwas argued that an inadequate level of concentration or dead attention span ofa patient is a common perplex for the academic, personality, and behavioral

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